We are building a New Jersey volunteer force and recruiting Democratic candidates for every office on the primary election ballot next year and in years ahead, including federal, state and local government offices.  If you have what it takes to govern, then you owe it to your community & country to step forward to answer the call.

Our plan is simple:
1 Build a team strong enough to win the fight against injustice & for progress.
2 Recruit candidates to run for every office on the primary ballot in 2018 & 2019.
3 Wage a personal campaign, with volunteers talking to voters in person, by phone or through social media instead of expensive negative TV ads.
4 Raise big money in small donation amounts from lots of working class Americans instead of millionaires & lobbyists.
5 Tell the truth, convince people, win elections, & govern better!

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”
~ President John F. Kennedy

Please help us discover the best ways to communicate with voters and organize our supporters.  Sign up, stay involved and be a part of the revolution to take back America from the greedy billionaires!

Enjoy the site, share it with your friends and check back often because this will be frequently updated.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has called for a grass-roots revolution to take back this country from the billionaire class. This is your chance to answer that call!

Sign up now to help Democrats for Change bring the American revolution to every congressional district, county and city in New Jersey. Our goal is to recruit progressive alternative candidates for every office on the Democratic primary election ballot to provide a real choice for voters who want to support progressive values. Use the form above to show your interest in participating in this important effort or use the form below to make your most generous financial contribution to our cause.


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