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Your Resistance is Winning

While Trump has been failing, embarrassing, and harming the American people, an unprecedented resistance has risen to fight back. Here are 100 ways we’ve resisted and won during Trump’s first 100 days.

  1. Trump’s first full day in office is met with the largest demonstration in American history, with millions participating in the Women’s March.
  2. Hundreds of sister marches are held across the world, from New York City to Stanley, Idaho.
  3. Even people in Antarctica (!!) participate in the Women’s March.
  4. So many people knit “pussy hats” that there is a nationwide shortage of pink yarn.
  5. Scientists confirm that three times as many people attend the Women’s March on Washington than Trump’s inauguration.
  6. The estimated 3 to 4 million Americans who participated in the Women’s March are honored with the Freedom of Expression of Courage prize from PEN America.
  7. Activists hang a giant 70ft “Resist” banner above the White House.
  8. Al Gore revives a climate summit that Trump’s administration tried to abruptly cancel.
  9. FEC commissioner stands up to Trump’s voter fraud lie: “Allegations of this magnitude cannot be ignored.”
  10. Ethics groups immediately sue Trump for profiting from the presidency and violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

“I am a public school teacher…I [resist] for the future of public education.” — Nancy, Pennsylvania

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  1. Senator Elizabeth Warren introduces the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act to force Trump to divest and release his tax returns. Over 250,000 Stand Up America members sign on as citizen co-sponsors!
  2. Two Republicans break with their party and join Democratic efforts to use Congress’s power to release Trump’s tax returns.
  3. Trump hits 50 percent disapproval rating after only 8 days in office.
  4. Malia Obama joins the resistance by protesting the Keystone XL pipeline at Sundance
  5. Americans shatter a record by calling Congress to oppose Betsy DeVos, doubling the number of calls ever made to the Capitol switchboard.
  6. Stand Up America members alone make over 30,000 calls to oppose the DeVos nomination!
  7. Senator Al Franken demonstrates that Betsy DeVos does not understand basic education policy or principles.
  8. Undeterred by busy phone lines, Americans get creative, sending pizza to their senators with notes to oppose DeVos.
  9. Two Republican senators cross party lines to oppose DeVos’ nomination and every single Democratic Senator opposes her.
  10. For the first time in history, the vice president is forced to cast a tie-breaking vote for a cabinet nominee.

“Trump is rich and self absorbed…he is not interested in the needs of the poor or middle class.” — Judy, North Carolina

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  1. Andrew Pudzer, the CEO of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., withdraws his nomination for Labor secretary amid allegations of unfair labor practices and sexual harassment.
  2. Billionaire Vince Viola withdraws his nomination for secretary of the Army, citing financial ties.
  3. Trump appoints Monica Crowley to the National Security Council, who then withdraws amid public outcry about her plagiarism in her book and dissertation.
  4. Hundreds of thousands of Americans call their senators to oppose Jeff Sessions’ nomination for attorney general.
  5. “Nevertheless, she persisted.”
  6. Hundreds of protestors stand with Senator Warren and read Coretta Scott King’s letter outside McConnell’s home.
  7. Billionaire Todd Ricketts withdraws his nomination for deputy commerce secretary after he is unable to resolve his financial entanglements.
  8. Thousands demonstrate in support of Planned Parenthood across the country.
  9. Public outcry to Ivanka taking an unofficial position in the White House with no ethics oversight leads to her registering as a formal employee with required ethics disclosures.
  10. A boycott of Ivanka Trump’s products leads to Nordstrom, Sears, K-Mart and several other retailers dropping her products.

“The most important person in my life is a Muslim and I [resist because] I am worried for their safety.” — Rod, Texas

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  1. Muslim community leaders raise tens of thousands of dollars to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery.
  2. After Trump signs his Muslim ban, thousands of Americans protest at airports across the country and demand the release of refugees being detained.
  3. Grassroots protests to Trump’s Muslim ban spread to more than 30 cities across the country — and around the world!
  4. Hundreds of lawyers set up makeshift offices in airport terminals to advise travelers (for free!) and file emergency motions against Trump’s Muslim ban.
  5. Taxi drivers join protests in New York by striking and refusing to stop at JFK airport.
  6. When Uber attempts to capitalize on taxi drivers’ Muslim ban boycott, a nationwide “Delete Uber” boycott begins.
  7. AirBnB offers free accommodation to refugees impacted by Trump’s Muslim ban.
  8. Madeline Albright pledges to register as a Muslim in solidarity if a Muslim registry is created.
  9. In response to a growing boycott, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick leaves Trump’s economic advisory board.
  10. In his first comments since leaving office, President Obama issues a statement in support of those protesting Trump’s Muslim Ban.

“I resist in memory of my mother, a Holocaust survivor…she taught me to take a stand for truth.” — Marsha, New York

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  1. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates refuses to defend Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim Ban.
  2. In New York, grocery store owners, many of Yemeni descent, organize a massive strike to protest Trump’s Muslim ban.
  3. Judges across the country issue injunctions blocking the Muslim ban from taking effect.
  4. Recognizing the critical work of civil liberties litigation, grassroots donations to the ACLU break records.
  5. After Trump issues a revised Muslim ban 2.0, it is quickly blocked by the courts.
  6. A four-month-old Iranian baby, who had been blocked by Trump’s Muslim ban, enters the U.S. and receives free life-saving heart surgery.
  7. After Mike Pence attends a performance of Hamilton, the cast issues an on-stage statement in support of refugees and immigrants, which is shared online by millions.
  8. Trump’s tirade against the media by is met by the resistance with a surge in subscriptions for The New York Times and other publications.
  9. Trump’s “religious freedom” executive order leaks to the press, sparking protests and pushing Trump to backdown.
  10. San Francisco sues Trump after he issues an unconstitutional order attempting to block federal funding for sanctuary cities.

“I joined the resistance because uniting not dividing America is important to me.” — Michelle, Georgia

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  1. A federal judge rules in favor of San Francisco and blocks Trump’s attempts to defend sanctuary cities.
  2. Communities, large and small, across America become sanctuary cities to protect their immigrant communities and stand up to Trump.
  3. Tom Brady and several other New England Patriots decline Trump’s invitation to visit the White House.
  4. Stand Up America grows to over a million members in all 50 states!
  5. Attendance at town halls explodes across the country, with constituents demanding lawmakers resist Trump and protect health care.
  6. Indivisible, a Stand Up America partner, powers townhalls by mobilizing grassroots activists in communities across America.
  7. When hundreds of Republican representatives refuse to hold town halls, constituents hold them anyway, drawing widespread media attention.
  8. The People’s Defense, a resistance coalition, hand-delivers more than a million signatures to senators demanding they reject Gorsuch.
  9. Thanks to progressive pressure across the country, Democrats stand up and filibuster Judge Neil Gorsuch.
  10. Democrats send an important message by inviting immigrants, DREAMers, and refugees to Trump’s first congressional address.

“As a pediatrician and a mother, my goal is to protect the ACA.” — Bronwyn, Oregon

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  1. Rep. Joe Kennedy’s floor remarks go viral after he calls out Paul Ryan on health care and points out that Trumpcare is “malice — not mercy.”
  2. The Stand Up America community makes tens of thousands of calls to protect the Affordable Care Act.
  3. Trump and Republicans fail to repeal Obamacare, a huge win for the resistance!
  4. Paul Ryan admits that the Affordable Care Act will be the “law of the land” for the foreseeable future.
  5. Ann Romney says she’ll be the first to lobby against Trump’s proposed cuts to health care research.
  6. Republicans pull a bill to sell off millions of acres of public land, after public outcry.
  7. Damning evidence and public pressure spur the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.
  8. The House Intelligence Committee also announces an investigation into Russian interference.
  9. Jeff Sessions is forced to recuse himself from Russia investigation when it is revealed that he met with the Russian ambassador during the campaign, contradicting his statement under oath.
  10. Despite the administration’s attempts to block her, Sally Yates will testify on Trump and Russia in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“I strongly oppose Donald Trump and most of the Republicans because they all put party before country.” — Kimberly, Illinois

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  1. When it is revealed that Nunes was backchanneling with the Trump administration about the Russia investigation, public outcry forces hims to recuse himself.
  2. Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice calls Trump’s changes to the National Security Council “stone cold crazy.”
  3. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen says Trump’s chief strategist and white nationalist Steve Bannon should be removed from NSC.
  4. After massive public pressure, Steve Bannon is removed from the National Security Council.
  5. Michael Flynn resigns from his post as National Security Advisor when it is revealed that he concealed meetings with the Russians.
  6. Army veterans return to Standing Rock and create a human shield to protect protesters.
  7. A federal judge allows a case to move forward against Trump for inciting violence at his campaign rallies.
  8. An appeals court rules that the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination against LGBT Americans in the workplace.
  9. House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz announces he’s not running for reelection in 2018 and may quit before his term is over.
  10. Preet Bharara refuses to resign and forces Trump (who had asked him to stay on) to fire him.

“I am not a political activist. I am a grandmother of 12 beautiful little people…I want my children and grandchildren to live in a safe, compassionate world.” — Carol, Michigan

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  1. Reporter David Fahrenthold, who Trump called a “nasty guy,” wins a Pulitzer Prize.
  2. Public outcry forces Trump to backpedal on federal firing freeze.
  3. Democrats win a special election for a critical seat in Delaware’s state senate.
  4. Democrats in Illinois win local seats that were held by Republicans for over 100 years and the city of Kankakee elects its first African-American, Democratic mayor.
  5. Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old Democrat, heads to a runoff this summer in a Georgia special election, fueled by massive grassroots enthusiasm.
  6. 11,000 women tell EMILY’s List they want to run for office.
  7. The LA County Board of Supervisors now has a supermajority of female members for the first time ever.
  8. Professional right-wing troll, Milo Yiannopoulos, loses his book deal and his job at Breitbart after public outcry about his inappropriate statements.
  9. Departing EPA staffer blasts Trump’s policies in an open letter that goes viral.
  10. When several sexual harassment lawsuits against Bill O’Reilly are revealed, activists across the country pressure advertisers to pull their spending on his primetime news program.

“I am a Stand Up America community member because I am fed up…with [Trump’s] lies.” — Jean, Kansas

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  1. Bill O’Reilly is fired from Fox News after a successful months-long campaign orchestrated by Color of Change, Ultraviolet, and others.
  2. Three good-government organizations sue Trump for rolling back precedent and refusing to release White House visitor logs.
  3. More than 120,000 Americans join the nationwide Tax March to demand the release of Trump’s tax returns.
  4. Grassroots organizers hold 200 sister tax marches nationwide with hundreds of thousands of participants coast to coast.
  5. Hundreds of “Tax March-A-Lago” protesters near Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort cause a headache for Trump’s motorcade, forcing them to reroute.
  6. Thousands participate in an Earth Day Science March in Washington, D.C., with hundreds of sister marches around the world.
  7. A massive People’s Climate March is planned for Trump’s 100th Day to advocate for action on climate change.
  8. States across the country introduce bills that would require presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to appear on the ballot.
  9. House Democrats refuse to consider tax reform unless Trump releases his tax returns, so the American people know how he would benefit.
  10. The resistance has stopped Trump from passing a single major piece of legislation from his dangerous agenda.

“You’re going to get tired of winning.” — Trump in 2016

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Democrats for Change endorses McCormick for Senator

Democrats for Change has endorsed Lisa McCormick, a candidate in the June primary election for the Democratic nomination for US Senate.

“Lisa McCormick, a mother and small business owner who understands the challenges facing working families in today’s economy, is the best choice for progressive Democrats who want to stop a Wall Street billionaire’s attempt to buy the nomination,” said Yvonne Wesley, the organization’s screening committee leader. “As the leading voice of New Jersey’s progressive activists, Democrats for Change is working to recruit a full slate in support of Lisa’s campaign.”

Wesley said McCormick will work to eliminate the corrupt influence of dirty money in politics with an affordable system of ‘fair & clean elections’ as well as by advancing state-funded child care, paid family leave, universal health insurance, free tuition at public colleges and universities.

“Lisa has also been a progressive activist, fighting for justice, advocating smart & honest policies, like breaking up big banks, stopping corporate tax dodgers, Medicare for all and expanding free public education,” said Wesley.

In addition to the nomination senator, the full membership of several Democratic county committees are at stake in the June primary election, along with all 12 of the state’s seats in Congress plus a host of municipal and county offices.

Democrats for Change will provide an alternative to the ‘regular political organization’ selections in every county, meaning most incumbents who are seeking re-election will face progressive challengers.


Intellectual freedom is worth fighting for

Democracy is built upon the hope of women and men to live freely as individuals in a society that holds the promise of liberty and justice for all. In the digital age, intellectual freedom at the heart of a democratic society necessitates advancing free expression, security, privacy, creativity and open access to knowledge.

Freedom of expression means that people should be able to say what is on their minds to any person will listen without fear of reprisal or retribution. Expression entails both thoughts and speech, as well as freedom of the press, access to information and honest government transparency.

Security means that technology should be reliable and responsive to its users, which requires competence, honesty, confidence and trustworthiness. The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that false speech enjoys full First Amendment protection but professional opinions, commercial speech, and court testimony are not considered public discourse and so are more subject to regulation.

Technology must allow users to decide what to share with whom and to protect privacy and anonymous speech. Congressional Republicans voted to strip Americans of their privacy by allowing Internet service providers to collect and sell customers’ data without consent.

By allowing people to build on the imagination, ideas and inventions of others, technology will enable progress and promote new discovery, innovation and creation. Most innovations are evolutionary changes to existing processes, uses, or functions, which are made better by one or several contributing inventions.

Access to knowledge is critical to freedom and progress. Curiosity should be rewarded, not stifled, as this is fundamental to the principles of justice, freedom, and economic development. The right to participate in the creation, distribution, and acquisition of raw information, secondary analyses of data, and knowledge-embedded tools and services will impact on development and civil liberties.

We must uphold these principles by demanding transparency and freedom in culture, code, and law.