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On Tuesday, June 5th polls will be open from 6 am to 8 pm for Primary Election Day in New Jersey.

We all think of New Jersey as overwhelmingly Democratic, yet decisions about the state’s Democratic priorities and candidates are made by a few party insiders. It’s time to fix this by making sure everyone – in particular those traditionally excluded from the electoral process – can access County Committee and transform the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is governed by committees of citizens who are registered Democrats, from the national level down to state and community-level. Each election district (or ED) is made up of a small number of city blocks.

What is a Precinct Captain?

Precinct captains (also known as Precinct Committee Persons, Precinct Committee Officers, Election Captains, etc.) represent the Democratic Party down to a precinct level. It’s their job to represent your voter precinct to the local Democratic Party, by talking to them about the issues that matter to them, attending monthly county or district party meetings, encouraging your neighbors to vote during elections.

It also comes with privileges — it’s the precinct captains who :

  • elect local party leadership (Chair, Vice-Chair, sometimes State Committee members) , at a county or district level
  • are allowed to vote in endorsement meetings, where local parties choose which candidates and ballot initiatives to endorse
  • vote to fill vacancies when death or resignations result in vacancies in various elected positions at the state, county or local level.

Every two years, Democrats in each election district elect two district leaders: one male, one female:


These district leaders choose the party chair:


The district leaders and chair make up the county committee.  Unfortunately, a vast number of these are left unfilled, undermining our goal of broad participation in decision-making.

Democratic counties should set the standard for innovation and progressivism, and demand competence and transparency from our local elected officials. We’re uniquely positioned to continue advocating for systemic change in our often-dysfunctional state and local governments, to move New Jersey toward a more progressive future.  But in order for that to happen, we need your help!

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